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Who doesn’t need a massage?

In our busy lifestyle, it’s easy to forget that whatever we chose to do or have to do, we need to look after ourselves first, both physically and mentally, in order to keep functioning normally and enjoy a good quality of life.

Massage is one of the oldest, safest and most natural form of medicine. It has a multitude of health benefits as it has a direct impact on our circulatory system, our lymphatic system and our nervous system, which are crucial for our body to function.

By stimulating and restoring the normal flow within these pathways, regular professional massages can effectively improve overall health and wellbeing.

Some of the proven benefits of massage:

– Reduced muscle tension (less pain and more flexibility)
– Improved circulation (better oxygenation and transport of nutrients throughout the body)
– Stimulation of the lymphatic system (stronger immune system)
– Reduction of stress hormone
– Instant relaxation
– Increased joint mobility and flexibility
– Improved skin tone
– Improved recovery of soft tissue damages
– Heightened mental alertness
– Reduced anxiety and depression
– Better sleep

For these reasons, massage therapy plays an important part in the treatment of a vast range of physical and mental disorders, whether recent or chronic.
It can also be used effectively in the prevention of physical injuries and in improving chronic diseases such as osteoarthritis, hypertension, or fibromyalgia.

Why choose us?

Here at Bodywave, we pride ourselves on creating a specific treatment plan for each person who walks through the door, whether you’re after a remedial massage for a specific ailment or more after a whole body relaxation or a bit of both!
Our holistic approach and passion for health and well-being in general is what makes us different.
We aim to treat and help you as a whole person, with your individual needs.
Whether you’re an injured athlete or a stressed professional or a busy mum or just anyone who needs some tension relief, we will work to give you the best possible outcome, and combine an array of different techniques including but not limited to: Thorough assessment, Swedish therapeutic massage, deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy, myofascial release, joint mobilizations, muscle stretching techniques and exercises, according to your specific needs.
As we seek to nurture our practice through continuous education, we strive to integrate new knowledge and modalities (such as cold laser therapy or Bach flower therapy) into our treatments to help you in the best possible way.



  • P15 minutes - $70
  • 30 minutes - $90
  • 45 minutes - $110
  • 60 minutes - $130
  • 75 minutes - $150
  • 90 minutes - $170


cold laser +
Massage treatment
  • 30 minutes - $90
  • 45 minutes - $110
  • 60 minutes - $130
  • 75 minutes - $150
  • 90 minutes - $170
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What Our Customers  Say

  • After tearing my shoulder tendon through training part of the rehabilitation included cold laser to help relieve the pain & assist the repair. After a 8 week laser & massage treatment program I was able to return to training, today I have no pain or discomfort and full movement again in my shoulder, I certainly feel the cold laser & massage treatment aided in my recovery avoiding the need for surgery and would recommend the same treatment programme to anyone who is suffering from the same injury. Bodywave explained the whole process thoroughly and provided excellent service, highly recommended

    brian haraida Avatar brian haraida
  • After year of on & off lower back pain. Thanks to Cecile laser & massage treatment plan. My back is feeding better than ever. Thanks Cecile.

    Tank Building Avatar Tank Building
  • Cecile was able to relieve the chronic knee pain and inflammation with regular treatments over 10 weeks. I have now been able to return to regular exercise without any inconvenience as a result of the cold laser therapy. Highly recommended. Michael

    Michael Martin Avatar Michael Martin
  • Cecile is an expert masseuse and introduced me to cold laser for a recent dance injury. She is very intuitive, attentive and sensitive to what your body needs. Her calming presence, personalized approach and deep knowledge in cold laser techniques helped me recover from pain and regain strength fast and in the best possible way. Cold laser is a wonderful method to heal from within, absolutely painless with great benefits that you can feel from your first time. I ABSOLUTELY recommend Cecile. If you have any questions or concerns - get in touch with this healing magician!

    Yulia Koinov Avatar Yulia Koinov
  • I came to Body Wave Massage to have treatment for lower back pain and arthritis pain in wrists and hands. The combination of Cold Laser and Massage hs produced remarkable results. Swelling in my wrists has been reduced and pain significately reduced. Cecile is very professional and intuitive. She found the causes to problems I have had for years and other medical professionals could not, resorting to prescribing pain killers. I have not taken pain killers since commencing treatment with Body Wave Massage. During my treatment it became clear I needed to quit smoking. I have smoked for 30years, tried and failed to quit several times. Cecile developed a Program for Smoking Cessation with Cold laser. After 4 sessions with Cold Laser smoking cessation treatment I feel confident of quitting. I have quit. Like any treatment for smoking cessation nothing will magically make you quit. Quitting involes a lot of will power and self-discipline. Cold Laser Treatment helped to alleviate the cravings and stress involed in tobacco withdrawal. I can highly recommend Body Wave Massage and Cold Laser. Thank you Cecile for helping me find a better way.

    Stuart Hills Avatar Stuart Hills
  • I found the cold laser treatment very effective. I had extremely tight calves and sore ankles. The treatment has cleared the issue up completely. Very easy. I would recommend it.

    mark weidenbach Avatar mark weidenbach
  • Got great results , had been on various drugs for pain in elbow and hands, thanks to cold laser treatment I no longer need them , great massage as well Thanks Cecile

    Emilio Capone Avatar Emilio Capone
  • The experience and skill of the masseur who practices at Body Wave Massage Therapy is exceptional. This fantastic healer focuses on the individual needs of her clients and customize the massage with utmost professionalism and care. This may be one of the most effective and gratifying massages/cold laser therapy treatments ever and my back issue which had not responded to various other treatments has never been so good. Highly recommended.

    Dean Angus Avatar Dean Angus
  • Cecile at Bodywave has been treating my upper spinal injury with cold laser therapy for a couple of months. The results of the cold laser combined with Cecile's exercise regime has helped me deal with the discomfort and pain. Definitely has delivered positive results and Cecile is an experienced therapist who spends the time to understand the injury, develop the treatment and maintain the required flexibility and range of movement. I am grateful for the care and attention.

    Rob Newell Avatar Rob Newell
  • Always a great experience. Come out feeling reborn.

    Seeb Abid Avatar Seeb Abid

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