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Are you sick of being in pain? Are you stressed and need some relaxation? Then you’ve come to right place! At Bodywave, we thrive on finding the source of your problems and bringing you the relief you need. Whether you’ve got a chronic condition that nothing could help, or are experiencing acute pain from an injury or accident, or just feeling tired and achy from everyday stress, we will work with you to develop a unique treatment plan specific to your needs. At Bodywave, you can get the instant relief that you need from the massage, and the long term healing effect from the cold laser treatment. This is the perfect combination for the treatment of pain and inflammation related to musculoskeletal conditions.

Cold Laser Therapy to treat pain and injury

When massage or physical manipulations are not enough, the addition of cold laser therapy in your treatment can make a whole lot of difference. With the power of Cold laser, not only can we relieve the most chronic pain and acute inflammation, but we can also heal and regenerate damaged soft tissues at the cellular level. So it’s not just about temporary pain relief, it’s a long term healing treatment, without the need of drugs or invasive procedures. If you’ve been suffering from chronic pain or been recently injured, if you want to stop taking medications or avoid going under the knife, try Cold Laser Therapy. It’s non invasive, drug free, risk free and there’s no downtime.

Massage Therapy

Massage is the most ancient and the most natural form of medicine. Not only does it give you instant relaxation and relief, but it also has a multitude of health benefits that can improve your wellbeing dramatically, at any age, and without any adverse effect when done properly. At Bodywave, we believe that regular massage is an essential element in everyone’s journey towards health and wellbeing, and a necessity in the recovery from injury. And because everyone and every case is different, for each treatment our therapist will identify your problem, adapt and apply the right techniques at the right spots, and with the right pressure so you get the most benefits from your treatment. Come and experience, you are in capable hands…

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What Our Customers  Say

  • Always a great experience. Come out feeling reborn.

    Seeb Abid Avatar Seeb Abid
  • I have been to bwt with a shoulder complaint.after one session of massage and cold laser treatment I had immediate results.cecile is the go to person for drug free pain relief.thank you Cecile

    Matt Maher Avatar Matt Maher
  • I came to Body Wave Massage to have treatment for lower back pain and arthritis pain in wrists and hands. The combination of Cold Laser and Massage hs produced remarkable results. Swelling in my wrists has been reduced and pain significately reduced. Cecile is very professional and intuitive. She found the causes to problems I have had for years and other medical professionals could not, resorting to prescribing pain killers. I have not taken pain killers since commencing treatment with Body Wave Massage. During my treatment it became clear I needed to quit smoking. I have smoked for 30years, tried and failed to quit several times. Cecile developed a Program for Smoking Cessation with Cold laser. After 4 sessions with Cold Laser smoking cessation treatment I feel confident of quitting. I have quit. Like any treatment for smoking cessation nothing will magically make you quit. Quitting involes a lot of will power and self-discipline. Cold Laser Treatment helped to alleviate the cravings and stress involed in tobacco withdrawal. I can highly recommend Body Wave Massage and Cold Laser. Thank you Cecile for helping me find a better way.

    Stuart Hills Avatar Stuart Hills
  • After year of on & off lower back pain. Thanks to Cecile laser & massage treatment plan. My back is feeding better than ever. Thanks Cecile.

    Tank Building Avatar Tank Building
  • Cecile is an expert masseuse and introduced me to cold laser for a recent dance injury. She is very intuitive, attentive and sensitive to what your body needs. Her calming presence, personalized approach and deep knowledge in cold laser techniques helped me recover from pain and regain strength fast and in the best possible way. Cold laser is a wonderful method to heal from within, absolutely painless with great benefits that you can feel from your first time. I ABSOLUTELY recommend Cecile. If you have any questions or concerns - get in touch with this healing magician!

    Yulia Koinov Avatar Yulia Koinov
  • Cecile at Bodywave has been treating my upper spinal injury with cold laser therapy for a couple of months. The results of the cold laser combined with Cecile's exercise regime has helped me deal with the discomfort and pain. Definitely has delivered positive results and Cecile is an experienced therapist who spends the time to understand the injury, develop the treatment and maintain the required flexibility and range of movement. I am grateful for the care and attention.

    Rob Newell Avatar Rob Newell
  • I've been smoking for 7+ years, close to 20 cigarettes a day. Cecile talked to me about a cold laser therapy to help stop smoking within 2 weeks by reducing withdrawal symptoms. It's been now 1 month that I haven't touched a cigarette, my cravings are gone, I feel healthier and hanging around smokers is not an issue. Thank you Cecile.

    Tunui Cadousteau Avatar Tunui Cadousteau
  • Cecile was able to relieve the chronic knee pain and inflammation with regular treatments over 10 weeks. I have now been able to return to regular exercise without any inconvenience as a result of the cold laser therapy. Highly recommended. Michael

    Michael Martin Avatar Michael Martin
  • Got great results , had been on various drugs for pain in elbow and hands, thanks to cold laser treatment I no longer need them , great massage as well Thanks Cecile

    Emilio Capone Avatar Emilio Capone
  • I found the cold laser treatment very effective. I had extremely tight calves and sore ankles. The treatment has cleared the issue up completely. Very easy. I would recommend it.

    mark weidenbach Avatar mark weidenbach

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